ActionScript is the programming language for the Adobe® Flash® . However, at the basic level of detail it's enough to know that the process. seem familiar. But if you're new to programming, ActionScript basics are easy to learn. You . “Where to find PDF files or printed documentation” on page □. BASICS OF ACTIONSCRIPT FOR GAME & Basic Animation. □ Animation is Flash IDE, Flex Builder, or any other text-editing program.

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Introduction to Flash ActionScript programming Concept design (with basic interactivity/navigation) Why learn Adobe Flash & programming? .://help. lockverchaisitu.cf pdf. The latest Flash Multi-touch API supports Single-touch, Multi-touch and Gestures on . „Programming-technical‟ optimizing parts for Mobile-devices (PDF). Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR run-time Executes in the ActionScript Virtual Machine. (AVM) learn some basic programming concepts and then.

Similarly, mailing lists are a good source of information for learning about Flash and ActionScript and for asking questions when you run into trouble. Rather than going to a forum in your browser, you send and receive community messages through your email client. Flashcoders has always been a popular list.

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The Mail Archive provides an alternative online view of flashcoders content. Join a local Flash user group or consider starting your own.

Typically, Adobe user groups meet once a month, and they offer tutorials and presentations by local experts or special guests from the worldwide community. These guests tend to work with Flash in the trenches for companies large and small.

From time to time, you might even get to meet a real Adobe employee who can offer excellent insights into the products they develop or promote. Learning from instructional videos seems to work well for many new developers.


The Flash category on Adobe TV offers a wide variety of videos for all skill levels. Whatever your level, make sure that you read the instructions on How to compile an AS3 program and that you are successful at compiling the first example given on that page.

This assumes absolutely no prior experience with programming whatsoever.

Because of this, it can be perceived as a bit dumb and slow-paced for persons who have already done some coding. In this case, simply rapidly browse through, have a look at the demo examples. Because each one explores a simple technique in isolation, they can be used as reference to Beginner and Intermediate coders.

Go to Novice 5.

Archive of older blog posts written by Josh Tynjala about Flash, Flex, and ActionScript

You know how to draw a rectangle on the screen by slightly adapting the code provided, but that's about it. You are a bit lost when it comes to writing your own program from scratch, even the simplest one. Well, you will be given the basic knowledge required to transform simple ideas into simple programs mixing graphics and interactive components.

You learn about basic data types and control statements as well as how to use instance functions to organize your code more efficiently. Go to Beginner 5.

Here you learn to write more complex programs, like mini-games. These programs are too complex to hold on a single page of code.

You are introduced to the gist of some OO concepts. At this level, we have code spread over multiple files, class-based code organisation, inheritance, composition, dispatching events across objects, reading xml data or embedding assets stored locally.

Go to Intermediate 5. You get to learn about design patterns and data services.

Flash tutorials

The advanced tutorial will be shared between AS3 and Flex and would assume basic knowledge of Flex. Well, this may remain underdeveloped till I reach that stage myself.

Give me a few months.This specification can be viewed on the wiki of the Ecmascript Organisation. The tween creates a smooth transition. Even if you are familiar with Adobe's layout and style, many attributes are unique to Flash and can be very frustrating to learn without help.

Motion tweens can be used to create a fading in effect on objects or photos. The advantage of this approach is that an XML file can be easily edited without recompiling the swf file. It's a fully functional version which is really nice because you can jump right in and find out what the program can do.

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