SKYCLAN'S DESTINY. ERIN HUNTER. WARRIORS. Book One: Into the Wild. Book Two: Fire and Ice. Book Three: Forest of Secrets. Book Four: Rising Storm. SkyClan s Destiny Warriors Super Edition The return of a long lost Clan Many moons ago five warrior Clans shared the forest in peace But as Twolegs. firestar's quest-download it here. bluestar's prophecy-download it here. tallstar's revenge-download it here. skyclan's destiny-download it here. bramblestar's.

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Learn more about SkyClan's Destiny in the Bridges digital collection. reading app. Try one today! ×. Title details for SkyClan's Destiny by Erin Hunter - Wait list . SkyClan's Destiny. Crookedstar's Promise. Yellowfang's Secret. Tallstar's Revenge. Bramblestar's Storm. Moth Flight's Vision. Hawkwing's Journey. Explore the. SkyClan's Destiny book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The return of a long lost ClanMany moons ago, five warrio.

But as threats continue to plague the Clan and dissent grows from within, Leafstar must face the one question she dreads most: Is SkyClan meant to survive? Join the legion of fans who have discovered the epic adventures, fierce warrior cats, and thrilling fantasy world of the mega-bestselling Warriors series.

This stand-alone entry is perfect for new readers and dedicated fans alike.

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If you receive an error message, please contact your library for help. Error loading page. The two toms stop, and stare at the SkyClan cats. Harveymoon exclaims about some dogs terrorizing Twolegplace cats, and Macgycer adds about them out of control. Sharpclaw praises the kittypets on getting away, but this'll be the last time.

Leafstar agrees, stating she'll bring enough warriors to put those dogs in their place. Billystorm wishes he could stay, but the SkyClan leader tells him he needs to return to his Twolegs. It turns to night, and Leafstar is preparing to leave with her patrol. Before they can depart, Rabbitpaw bounds over, asking if he can come.

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His leader is at first doubtful, but when he assures her to do good, she agrees, warning him to stay close. At Twolegplace, Shrewtooth tells Leafstar that he hears barking, but the tabby and cream she-cat responds that she can't.

The black tom warns her to be cautious then. They meet a kittypet, who gives them directions as to where the dogs live and where to go. Leafstar thanks the kittypet, then heads off.


She sends Waspwhisker , Mintfur , and Cherrytail to go to the pointed Twoleg den. Before Leafstar can leave with them, Sharpclaw says that her and Rabbitpaw can stay and warn them of the dogs.

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Rabbitpaw asks Leafstar if the deputy is punishing him, but she replies that she wants him close. Barking nears them, and both leader and apprentice round the corner to warn Sharpclaw. Instead of a route right to them, they hit a dead end, and Leafstar spots the kittypet from earlier.

She yowls at it, and the light-colored cat yowls back, saying that they deserve it for their 'meddling'.

Rabbitpaw can also hear the barking, and suggests they hide in a trash bin. Both cats jump in just as the dogs round the corner, jaws gaping.

The patrol heads on, and then run into Billystorm. Sharpclaw tells the kittypet warrior someone told them the dogs live there, but he debunks this. The deputy orders him with the patrol.

Harveymoon says Leafstar's name, and the white tom is gazing down at the leader, saying the dogs don't live here.The first time I didn't really like it, but somehow a second chance changed my opinion.

SkyClan's Destiny

I found odd things like the "daylight warriors" annoying, but it was what the cats wanted to do and was nice characterisation in a way. I read many of the extras last year, and really enjoyed them, and I heard that there was another one, so I decided to read it. August Children's Books". Place Hold. Is SkyClan meant to survive? SkyClan's Destiny 1 1 Jun 11, Other Editions and Formats. Why is availability limited?

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