Gu Family book - Lee Seung Gi, Bae Suzy (maravilhosa), Lee Yeon Hee e Choi Jin Hyuk (eu adorei seu personagem, sua voz é magnífica) O filme é nota Popular Korean Historical Dramas from - Watch "Gu Family Book" for some good historical fantasy fun!. Download Gu Family Book - 구가의서 (K-Drama - ) With English, Indonesian Subtitle [p/p/Raw/Web-Rip] When Yoon Seo Hwa (Lee Yeon Hee) falls for Gu Wol Ryung (Choi Jin Hyuk) the p WebRip, Google Drive | MEGA. Lee Yeon Hee has surprised fans with the news of her reapperance on the popular MBC drama, “Gu Family Book.” Lee Yeon Hee received a.

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“Gu Family Book” Yoo Yeon Seok Confirmed for “Reply ” Cast has been praised for his charm and charismatic eyes in MBC's “Gu Family Book.” Celebrating 10 Years: A Mega List Of The Best K-Dramas Since Já havia visto Big com ela e a detestei, mas agora sei que foi por causa de sua personagem mesmo. Em Gu Family Book ela é sensacional, e esteve perfeita. Stream OST Gu Family Book - Lee Seung Gi (The Last Word) by fromairenindo from desktop or your mobile device. mega diagma at

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Can you upload the OST too?? Ahhh totally loving this one!! Hi Alice! Thank you for the link Kaptain A on the crew interview. Suzy was funny to watch.

Can someone sync subs for p please? It really bring up the mood. Q: What kind of food you eat from time to time? Fei : Black milk bubble tea on a daily basis I do not get tired to drink it. There is many good fiber in it.

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So this is what makes Gu Family Book is more attractive. Screenplay also really fun and Gu Family Book is a bit like the vampire genre, but not the common one. Suzy's character in this drama is as a martial arts instructor. So since I was a kid I always see people doing Taekwondo, and learned about it too. Suzy appeared as a martial arts instructor she had been trained with high level martial arts. She worked hard and practice some action scenes since last January. Suzy is expected to showcase a new look to the viewers through the action historical drama.

She really had high intensity training.


Suzy is really a bright and energetic person, she always bow to he senior actors and crew on set and also to her drama partner Lee Seunggi. Who else do you think would be good as a witch in the film? She wore casual clothing, a tiara hairband, leaving behind her apron for the photoshoot.

She looked especially fierce in one of the photos, posing with a finished plate of food but staring coolly to the side. But I never got to show my fans my cooking, so I decided to forgo my break to appear on the show. I realized it was also important to pay attention to how the food looked.

The food you taste with your mouth can also be effected by the presentation of the food. Through the show, I realized again how fun it was to cook. But everything I cook, he eats really well.

His hand drips with blood, and then she watches in horror as the rage takes over and he yaaaanks the beating heart out of one man and chomps down on the pumping artery of another.

Holy massacre, batman. He lets out this roooooaaaar that sends everyone to the ground, and Seo-hwa stands there, frozen, as the leaves swirl around her and the man she loves becomes a monster before her eyes. Oh noes. He heads out to find her, and turns back to remind Wol-ryung about that dagger carved from the hundred-year old tree, and tells him to use it at the right moment.

At the camp, Seo-hwa is made to kneel before Jo Gwan-woong, who slaps her across the face and says that her brother and servant died because of her. He orders Dam Pyung-joon to use her to lead them to the gumiho, and then kill them both.

Wol-ryung wakes up the next morning and takes a drink from the river. But if she does, then the only way to stop from turning into a demon is to stab her in the heart with that hundred-year old dagger.

Worst catch ever. He takes out the dagger and runs to her, calling out her name, but Dam Pyung-joon stabs him right in the gut as he reaches her. I loved you. I loved you so. But Jo Gwan-woong shouts at him to strike.

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Dam Pyung-joon charges with his sword, and then delivers the killing blow. The lights fly away and disappear.

Dam Pyung-joon is left behind to kill Seo-hwa on his own, and the monk arrives screaming for Wol-ryung. He crumbles at the scene, demanding to know what happened to his friend, who never harmed anyone and guarded these mountains with care.

He blames Seo-hwa for all of this, wailing that all this happened because Wol-ryung wanted to become a person. Dam Pyung-joon sends her bloody hairpin to Jo Gwan-woong as proof that he killed her, and the creepy bastard actually seems to have been in love with her, from the way he haunts her old house and sees visions of her smiling and laughing in the past.

Seasons change, and the Moonlight Garden remains quiet and undisturbed. We return to the gisaeng house, where a very pregnant Seo-hwa is screaming and wailing for them to kill her before she gives birth to a monster child.I hope he lives happily.

Also the usual candle for dishes, it can reduced bad smell from food as well you can have some eating style. I cannot wait!

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Whatever signal he zaps sends the horse into a frenzy, and they take off running in the other direction. She freezes and their energy pushes the clouds away to reveal a full moon.

Reporter: Finally, what is your future dream? Song Young Kyu Supporting Cast.


Suzy appeared as a martial arts instructor she had been trained with high level martial arts. He takes out the dagger and runs to her, calling out her name, but Dam Pyung-joon stabs him right in the gut as he reaches her.

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