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the entire contents of this Study Guide are supplied on the CD, in PDF. We've also Remember, this is an Active Directory Exam (), so you can bet that. The material covered in this training kit and on exam builds on your . an application that can display PDF files, such as Adobe Acrobat. MCTS Cert Guide: Windows Server Active Directory, Configuring Don PoultonPearson East 96th Street Ind Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF .

Mcts 70-640 Pdf

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MCTS Exam Cram: Windows Server Active Directory, Configuring. Pages·· MB· Downloads. MCTS Exam Cram. This book may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by Hardison for coaching and friendship beyond th MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam. PDf is for TS: Windows Server Active Directory. Configuring professionals looking to pass TS: Windows Server Active.

Find additional content online As new or updated material that complements your book becomes available, it will be posted on the Microsoft Press Online Windows Server and Client Web site. Based on the final build of Windows Server , the type of material you might find includes updates to book content, articles, links to companion content, errata, sample chapters, and more.

To provide you with the best possible learning experience, each lesson in the training kit includes content, practices, and review questions, and each chapter adds case sce- nario exercises and suggested practices.

The companion CD provides links to external resources and dozens of sample questions. We recommend that you take advantage of each of these components in the training kit. Some concepts or skills are easiest to learn within the context of a practice or sample questions, so these concepts and skills might be introduced in the practices or sample questions and not in the main body of the lesson.

Even if you do not have an environment with which to perform practices, at least read and think through the steps so that you gain the benefit of the new ideas they introduce.

They enable you to experience important skills directly, reinforce material discussed in lessons, and even introduce new con- cepts.

Each lesson and practice describes the requirements for exercises. Although many les- sons require only one computer, configured as a domain controller for a sample domain named contoso.

If the answers to the questions dont come readily to you, be sure to read the entire chapter. Foundation Topics: The heart of the chapter. Explains the topics from a hands-on and a theory-based standpoint. This includes in-depth descriptions, tables, and figures that are geared to build your knowledge so that you can pass the exam.

The chapters are broken down into several topics each. Key Topics: The key topics indicate important figures, tables, and lists of infor- mation that you should know for the exam. They are interspersed throughout the chapter and are listed in table form at the end of the chapter.

Exasm 70-640: TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring Exam

Use them to help memorize important information. Key Terms: Key terms without definitions are listed at the end of each chapter. Write down the definition of each term and check your work against the complete key terms in the glossary. How This Book Is Organized Although this book could be read cover-to-cover, it is designed to be flexible and enable you to easily move between chapters and sections of chapters to cover just the material that you need more work with.

If you do intend to read all the chapters, the order in the book is an excellent sequence to use.

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Chapter 1, Getting Started with Active Directory, is an introductory chapter that presents the concepts around which Active Directory is built. It serves as a reference to the material that follows and eases users who are new to Active Directory into the book.

If you have worked with Active Directory in Windows or Windows Server , you might want to start with Chapter 2; however, you should take a look at the overview presented here of new capabilities of Active Directory in Windows Server and its R2 update.

It then continues to discuss creating additional domain controllers in this domain and child domain controllers. It also discusses the requirements that must be met when upgrading domains based on older Windows server versions to allow them to operate in Windows Server with complete functionality. Chapter 5, Global Catalogs and Operations Masters: Proper operation of global catalog servers and operations masters is vital to the day-to-day functioning of your domain and forest.

This chapter focuses on the configuration and troubleshooting steps necessary with these specialized domain controllers. Chapter 6, Configuring Active Directory Sites and Replication: Active Directory divides forests and domains on a geographical basis by using sites.

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To function properly, Active Directory depends on data replication among all its domain controllers. This chapter shows you how to set up sites and ensure that all directory objects are located in the site corresponding to their locations. It then continues with configuring replication, both on an intrasite and intersite basis.

AD LDS is designed to provide additional directory services where an additional domain and its domain controllers are not required.

AD RMS enhances security in your domain by enabling the creation of rights-protected files and folders that can be accessed only by authorized users. AD FS provides a single sign-on capability for authenticating users to multiple web-based applications. An RODC is useful in a situation such as a branch office where physical security of the domain controller might be of concern.

Chapter 9, Active Directory User and Group Accounts: This chapter shows you how to create user and group accounts in Active Directory, including methods for bulk creation of large numbers of accounts.

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Before you install AD DS. Now you are preparing for this certification exam.

It works in the following manner: If you are still operating such an old domain. Ensure that the Primary Zone option is selected and that the Dynamic Updates option is set to Nonsecure and secure. Figure You receive several choices of zone replication scope when creating an Active Directory—integrated zone.

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