Advance Praise for. New York Times. Bestselling Author. CHRISTINA. LAUREN's . “Like Brit hero Niall,. Beautiful Secret is bloody. beautiful secret pdf ebook epub mobi - - beautiful secret pdf today we will discuss and share the link to the secret book pdf. it is one. Beautiful Secret book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. AN UPTIGHT BRITISH EXECUTIVE. AN ADVENTUROUS AMERICAN.

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Beautiful Secret The Beautiful Series - [Free] Beautiful Secret The Beautiful Series [PDF]. [EPUB] Beautiful People is an American drama. if looking for the ebook beautiful secret (beautiful bastard 4): un secreto explosivo (spanish edition) by christina lauren in pdf format, in that case you come on to. Read Beautiful Secret read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Beautiful Secret is a Romance novel by Christina Lauren.

Bryan Pedersen, an advertising executive who saw the deck himself, balked at the suggestion that Fuchs was unaware of the contents. Fuchs herself is the director of brand partnerships at Goop, so she is likely aware of how such deals work. He said it was actually Evans, a social-media marketer who has done work for Michael Kors and Audi, who put the deck together and suggested reaching out to brands.

Grossman told Evans about his plans for the scavenger hunt, and Evans, knowing which brands Fuchs regularly works with, helped mastermind the partnerships. Almost all the ones that did were companies that Fuchs already had a good working relationship with, such as Flywheel, which put on a free, private class, and the clothing designer LoveShackFancy, which sent Fuchs some free dresses. Glamsquad, an on-demand beauty service, provided free hair and makeup styling.

The only major new partnership to develop from the proposal came after Evans got in touch with Flytographer; it provided three photographers for free. Grossman also received a hefty discount on the Jade Trau jewelry he gave Fuchs, but Fuchs has been friends with Trau for a long time and regularly receives discounts on her designs.

Grossman said that he understands why some people might criticize his plan, but that he just wanted to make Fuchs happy. Grossman, who works in finance and is generally more private on social media, said he was happy to step outside his usual box if it made her smile. I gave her cakes, I gave her ale I gave her sack and sherry.

A woman coming from the opposite direction. Singing the song he was just whistling. A coincidence? He has his eye on her nonetheless. She is small and lithe, gray-eyed and dark-haired. When night comes, the display tables will be drawn up as shutters and heavily bolted. His reflexes are too good. But to his consternation, she just stands there, looking every bit as haughty as a woman that small can do. But before too long, everything is back up on the boards, nested in their velvet as before.

So he stays. A little crowd has gathered, of course.

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I weary of standing here under the implication of insult. He nudges a final pearl back into perfect place. It could happen to anybody. Relieved, the swordsman walks on the way he was going. What an odd woman! It will take him a while to start whistling again. Especially when he touches one of the secret pockets of the sequestered jewels, and finds it empty. There is a small slit in the side. One of them is bearded, the other clean-shaven. They meet at a crossroads.

That is where significant things happen; everyone knows that. Encounters at a crossroads are rarely by chance, and never inconsequential.

The clean-shaven man says nothing. He is slim and young. Niall's lack of experience with women and his awkwardness was also endearing to me as well. Niall and Ruby both work at Richardson-Corbett.

Niall is a VP in the company and Ruby is an intern, who is hoping to get into a graduate course at Oxford. For months she's been carrying a torch for Niall, but he's been completely oblivious. He recently divorced his wife of fifteen years, who happens to have been his High School sweetheart. Their marriage lacked any sort of passion and his ex always made sex seem like a chore. She really did a number on Niall.

He lacked confidence in his charms over the opposite sex. He was the complete opposite of his brother, Max.

They both end up going on a month long business trip to New York City. There things heat up pretty quickly between the two. But Niall doesn't want to have sex with Ruby until he knows for sure that he's in love with her. Meanwhile Ruby's about to combust from sexual frustration. I was totally feeling for the poor gal. I don't think I could have been as patient as she was. Once back home in London, things progress pretty quickly between Niall and Ruby, but then Niall goes and fucks it all up.

I was so very pissed at him and of course, so was Ruby. That is a big fucking NO NO in my book!! Ok, but then I thought, hmm, maybe they are planning to write a novella for the two and there's where we will get a more in depth HEA!!

Well I don't freaking see that there is another Novella listed!! I found out this morning from my lovely Buddy Reading partner, Alice, that only the freaking Audio Book has the epilogue!!!!

I think that is truly a rotten thing to do to us devoted fans of this series. These ebooks are not cheap and to make us have to download the audio book to get the epilogue seems like a rip off to me.

I will say that you can get the audio book for free if you sign up for a free 30 day trial of "audible", which I did, but I'm still pissed that the epilogue isn't available in all formats. AND why is there a monthly charge for audible anyway!!!??!! I'll add a little note to this review once I listen to the audio book and will let you all know if it was worth all the trouble.

It was nice, but I wanted more. It only gave us an insight into Niall and Ruby's life together a few months into the future. I like to see the couple a year or two later.

I want the HEA that includes a marriage and beautiful babies. In any case, this was still a good read. It's just not the best in the series and I still love Christina Lauren's writing style and will continue to read all of their stories because I always know I'm in for a treat when I pick up one of their books.

One of the best parts of reading this was my Buddy Reading partner, Alice. We always have a good time and even though there's a six hour time difference between us, we make it work!! Love you Alice!!! Here's the link to her amazing review - Alice's Review View all comments.

Mar 07, Jeanne rated it it was ok Shelves: What a disappointment! It shouldn't even be possible to mess up a book with Niall Stella as a main character. I was so excited to read this, because I fell in love with him in Beautiful Beloved. It's so sad, because his character and this book had huge potential. First of all, the first 5 pages of the book was Ruby speculating with a co-worker about Niall's cock size.

I guess I'm being picky, but is it too much "The problem was I became stupid when he was around. I guess I'm being picky, but is it too much to ask that some sort of character development or chemistry happens between the couple before we start talking about his cock?

I've read crap like that a million times, it doesn't have any affect on me anymore, and I know these authors can do better. This book was boring, because if I am not invested in the couple, sex scenes become filler to me.

Did I mention he apparently has a huge cock? I love these authors, but this one wasn't for me. View all 69 comments. Niall Stella is the stuff that book boyfriend fantasies are made from…. Ruby is a very likable heroine, at times her crush seemed to fall into fangirl terrority.

Wha 4. Niall Stella has only ever been with his ex-wife, Portia. He messy up with Ruby and they slowly work their way around the bases as he too falls. I think the visit was important for him, however, taking the call at that time was very bad form. I liked how Ruby pulled back and in a way placed them on common ground. Still, her feelings were the worst kept secret.

I enjoyed this story and thought Niall Stella was a breath of fresh air. Where is the darn epilogue to this book? View all 65 comments.

When your crush finally starts noticing you..

Where do I begin? That's where! I spent the whole first half of the book just desperately holding in my giggles and snickers as I watched Niall fall in love with our girl Ruby through the most embarrassing situations,you could imagine Especially that Airplane scene.. Lol I would have just expired of embarrassment,if that was me! Hence inevitably creating the drama essential for the crescendo of a book. My Thoughts on the characters: Most of the times I find them either over hatd-headed or self sabotaging.

Ruby to be honest,felt almost felt like the written version of me Her attitudes So I enjoyed the exprience: Well he's Britsh.. Need I say more? Even though a LOT of people found the slow phase of the plot frustrating, which is totally legit,mind you. I actually,for one could understand where Niall was coming from..

After all he had been married for to his ex-wife for 11 years Is this book a stand-alone? Would I recommend the read? In my opinion. This book was the best of its series!

View all 29 comments. Apr 07, Beverly rated it it was amazing. I have grown to love these men and couldn't wait to meet the another Stella man. Niall Stella is successful, driven and focused.

She has also developed a slight obsession with Niall Stella. In the beginning she was impressed with his career, skill, and intellect. However, after seeing The Great Niall Stella in person it quickly turns to more. For the past six months she observed Niall, but mostly remained the background. That all changes when she is asked to accompany Niall to the States for a month long business trip. During this trip things begin to change for both of them. After spending time with Ruby, Niall realizes he has been barely living since his divorce.

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I loved seeing her fall all over herself and mix up her words due to the anxiety and butterflies she felt around him. Ruby's character is easy to identify with, we have all been the girl so into a guy that we humiliate ourselves just being in their presence. I was so excited for Ruby to get this chance to spend time with Niall. Then to see how things unfolded, it was perfect. Like the other's in this series, I am in love, but for totally different reasons.

Niall is unsure of himself and is afraid to put himself out there. I loved how he was real, honest and upfront. But when it was time to get steamy he was ready, confident and more aggressive. It was nice to see this scenario reversed, Ruby being the pursuer.

They were humors and added a lightness to the story. Christina Lauren does a perfect job of mixing steam, humor and romance. Beautiful Secret has the perfect level of angst to keep you intrigued, without things going over the top.

I love how all angles of the story were developed and resolved. This story is definitely one of my favorites from the series, I highly recommend it! ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

View all 32 comments. While I enjoyed the first parts of the book, the rest didn't totally pull me in. It doesn't mean that I didn't love it, though.

The hottie British man Niall Stella is already enough for me to go on. Although they work at the same company, these two are basically strangers.

Well, except for Ruby's side, because she has been crushing on him ever since forever to the point where her obsession already leads her to become a borderline stalker.

When the two of them went to New York to attend an international summit for a month, that's when Niall finally noticed her. That's also the time when their sexual connection started.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

However, Niall has reservations when it comes to intimacy because of his post-divorce issues. I couldn't explain the excitement I felt when I started this book.

When I've read Beautiful Beloved where Niall was first introduced, I was totally charmed by this hot Brit so I immediately dived into this book after I finished the novella. The book started off great. I found both the characters' POVs entertaining and funny.

Ruby's stalkerish abilities creeped me out a little bit but I was amused at the same time. And Niall Niall is one helluva man. I loved that he was not portrayed as most heroes in a book. He was the shy, quiet type of a man. Not arrogant and not a casanova, either.

What made me feel quite disconnected to the book, however, was Ruby's attitude when both of them were already in New York. I felt her character going downhill when she became sexually obsessed with Niall and all she thought about was sex I mean, there's nothing wrong with it but ugh, she was sexually preoccupied all the freaking time and I don't know how she's able to handle her responsibilities in their business trip when she was horny most of the time.

She was such a hot mess while she was with Niall and it's no longer amusing. Thankfully, Niall made the book bearable. Setting aside his hot physical qualities, I loved the way he controlled his emotions and lust toward Ruby Thank God!

When he said that he prefers to have sex with a woman only if he's in love with her, I admired his character even more. I loved the way he carried his work and personal emotions in a balanced way, unlike Ruby.

My vote for my favorite book of this series still goes for Beautiful Player up to this point. I wish this book was as good as the previous installment but as I mentioned, Niall Stella is enough so I still liked it as a whole. View all 21 comments. Yes it was funny,very hot and in some part awkward in a good way but I still feel like something is missing! Ruby is an intern at an engineering company. This trip will pull them together!

The difference between this and the other stories in this series is that Niall was married and is now divorced but he doesn't have a lot of experience with women because his first was his wife So you can understand how difficult is for him! But don't worry here comes Ruby who will change his life!!

So be prepared for a lot of funny and awkward moments that light the story up! Ruby is a really funny and strong heroine!! She is exactly what Niall needed in his life! I liked Niall's vulnerability and the fact that he wasn't so confident as the others! But behind all this there is a hot man that he just needed the perfect girl for him! There is sexsual tension and the sex scenes was very hot that make the book delicious!!

I love this series and I believe you should give it a try!! I don't know if there will be another book but I hope because I don't want to finish this series!! View all 28 comments.

Jun 10, Ramona rated it it was amazing Shelves: From all the guys in this series Nial is my absolute favorite and I will tell you why in a couple of minutes, but I have to keep my enthusiasm at bay. Nial is Max Stella's brother and the opposite of him.

While Max is adventurous and thrilling to be around, Nial is more guarded, more serious and reserved. I liked the comparison between him and Mr. Darcy, being very appropriate for him and fitting his personality so From all the guys in this series Nial is my absolute favorite and I will tell you why in a couple of minutes, but I have to keep my enthusiasm at bay. Darcy, being very appropriate for him and fitting his personality so well.

Nial has a not so loving background when it comes to love. He was married to his only girlfriend and embarked on a marriage that wasn't satisfying from any point of view. After his divorce, he is let with a broken heart, but also with very little experience with women.

His marriage lacked love and passion, and therefore he is not interested in this, or in another relationship what so ever. Also, he has some strong trust issues, not being able to fully understand how wonderful he is in and out.

I really liked him because he wasn't a player like the boys before him, he was a committing guy, with a lot of love to give. Sex also was not meaningless for him, he had to truly be in love with that woman in order to have a physical contact with her.

Beautiful Secret

Perfect, I know!! Enter Ruby! She was hilarious, strong and independent. Totally opposite to Nial, but so good for him in the same time. She had a crush on Nial since forever and all her scenes in his proximity were so funny I think I will never forget them.

I liked this type of heroine, Ruby being a true example of determination. Her crush for him was consumed at far distance, but things changed when she has to accompany Nial in a business trip, where they spend a lot of time together. Slowly, Ruby manages to break his though exterior and give him an opportunity to love again.

Her witty, sweet and funny behavior made him open up more about his problems, transforming him gradually into another man, a more confident one. She was very patient with him, understood him and far more important, she didn't judge him. As expected he also made an epic mistake, but he will learn from it and try to undo it, by proving Ruby he is worthy of her.

The only minus I found in Nial was that I wanted him to figure out how amazing he could be with her a little faster, because that sexual tension was so frustrating, it was killing me. The hot scenes we are accustomed are not so frequent in this book, their love story being more of a slow burn.

But when those happened, they burned the house down!! I liked their chemistry in those moments, and I was surprised to discover a more layed back and steamy Nial, than the timid one we were used to. When love is concerned, he can let his feeling go and offer so much in return. We also get to see the "pack" all together again!

They are amazing and I missed them terribly, almost forgotten how funny and charming they all were. D For more reviews please check https: View all 13 comments.

Apr 03, Natasha is a Book Junkie rated it it was amazing Shelves: My hands, my lips, my cock. I trust you with all of it more than I even trust myself. I am writing this review while literally still hugging my now beloved paperback copy, secretly hoping that the beautiful words in it would somehow escape and infuse themselves into me forever. I gobbled up every word, immersing myself into a story that had my attention from the get-go, and I fear I will never be able to fully express how much I truly adored this book.

His old-fashioned view on relationships and love in general is shaken from the moment Ruby enters his life, her vivacious and unrestrained personality, coupled with the kind of openness and honesty that is foreign to him, drawing him out of his shell and forcing him to push his own limits.

I think you rather exquisite. Everything he feels for Ruby is new to him, part of the uncharted territory of his inexpressive personality, thus forcing them to commence a carefully paced, open and honest exploration of what a sexual relationship between two such opposites might entail. And what it would take to overcome all the emotional hurdles standing in their way. If I wanted to feel myself deep in her throat, I could. If I wanted limits, I would need to be the one to set them. But did I truly want limits, or did I think I should want them?

We hear both their voices throughout the story, that precious insight into both of these characters making us appreciate their deepest fears and hang-ups a lot more intimately. And I felt every single emotion these extraordinary authors had expertly woven into this story. A beautiful read, an astonishing love story, a couple whose journey I understood and felt from beginning to end—this is a book I would recommend with all my heart.

Follow me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! site US: View all 3 comments. Oct 20, Mysza rated it really liked it. Jun 13, Phrem Smut Junkie marked it as to-read. View 1 comment. My God, Ruby , get a grip on yourself girl! I have to admit, Niall was like a fresh breath, different from all the alpha males we have become accustomed to read in romance books, soHe was beyond alpha Halfway through, the young musician lifts his device and plays. A woman coming from the opposite direction.

He pauses.

What an odd woman!

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