The format may not be PDF but EPUB and MOBI while you can use free eBook converter to do the conversion. How can I download a free PDF of any book? Originally Answered: Which websites are offering free eBooks for download in PDF format?. Project Gutenberg – Most popular website for free ebooks. Thousands of Quora User, Electrical Engineering to Software Engineer that's life in a nutshell!!!. What Are the Top 5 Best Torrent Sites for EBooks_ - Quora - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. top.

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Q&A site Quora is rewarding its top writers with a welcome package that includes a t-shirt and a Best of Quora book. You don't have. How to Make Money on Quora - site edition by Bruce Carlley. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Quora is a site that allows it's users to ask and answer questions and you get to know the ins and the outs of different social media sites pretty quickly. .. it's a lot easier to get them to sign up for a free email course or ebook.

The library is huge: fiction, romance, fantasy, history, arts, science, business and books for kids. The download process is quick and easy. Visit site site Books from your device and log into your site account.

Select a book by genre, author or name and download it. There is classics, romance, science fiction, thrillers. The great advantage of site is the ability to discover new books according to your taste and previous downloads. Plus, you can read other people reviews before investing your time into reading. Find a book up to your liking from any genre: fiction, romance, educational, history, technology, etc. You may download a book at a small price or download gift books.

The electronic books are in ePub format. Here you can rent a digital textbook, download a used textbook or sell your old book.

So you can download a book quickly. Besides, eCampus has a substantial fiction books library if you get tired of learning. Their peculiarity is that they definitely look like real ones: with book sizes and pictures.


You can search the book you want or browse by categories. If you choose a chargeable book, you will get a free sample first.

There are textbooks in different languages and kids stories. The drawback is that the majority of books are paid and it is not so easy to find a free book there. The Book Depository Book Depository is an alternative for ebook sites. The library has over 30 million titles in many languages. Book Depository provides free delivery to countries please see their FAQ section for details.

Baen Baen has a small section of free ebooks for download. There are both fiction and non-fiction books.

November 21, Author Sujan Patel 10 comment. This is how we did it.

Find out how I can help you.

Before the Book Want to know something that surprises a lot of people? We did it because we needed to know there was a market for this book. Writing it was going to take up a lot of time, and we had to be sure as much as we could, at least that it would be worth that time. We then joined Slack groups and pitched the idea to members, offering them a discount if they pre-ordered. Unless you already have an audience anxiously awaiting the launch of your next book, I doubt any do. When I started, my email list consisted of precisely zero subscribers.

I also set myself really ambitious goals. I wanted to build my personal brand, be featured in 25 podcasts, and sell , copies.

I thought the odds of me meeting those goals were slim, but setting them was the best way to motivate me to push myself to the max. Never mind the satisfaction I got when I blew them out of the water. Do whatever it takes to get the best results you can within reason, of course.

In some cases, 5, sales could be enough to land you on a bestsellers list of course this assumes your book meets many stringent conditions, including being in print.

Promoting the Book Before I get into the whats and whys of how we promoted the book, I want to touch on something that had a big impact on our success. It was everywhere, but not everyone understood what it meant. As a result, lots of people were searching for information on the topic, and we were one of the first to get our foot in the door and provide it. Below the offer, I include social proof to increase conversion votes. He uses a mix of brand names, features, imagery, and relevant offers to drive leads.

Copy how top writers design their bios to drive traffic and leads. It will save you time you can use for answering questions. You need to understand what questions you should answer and how to find them faster. To find lead-generating questions, start reading as many answers as possible in relevant topics to your business.

When reading, identify a few of your favorite Quora writers in these niches. I read everything by Jason M.

Before you begin jumping into these topics and bookmarking every question that pulls your attention, know the attributes that make a question ripe for traction: ratio of followers to the number of answers provided. A lot of followers, but many bad answers. A question that you can provide a personal image to complement.

An emotional pull. This pull makes it easier to write more genuine answers with thought-provoking stories. Relevant to your bio offer. A question with poor-written answers making yours more likely to stand out.

The fastest way to identify a poorly-written answer is to look at whether the writer focuses on self-promotion rather than providing value. For example, in the question below, the top answer has a promotional link in the first sentence and provides little value to the reader. To start searching for questions, dive into the individual topics you chosen, then save the juiciest questions for later.

This allows you to browse through thousands of top-performing questions faster because the immediate questions presented under every topic tend to have the highest follower-to-answer ratio.

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Ask them to go through a list of to topics to find the best questions according to the ratio of followers to answers. Tell them to create a spreadsheet where they have columns for hyperlinked Quora questions to their original source, follower ratio, topic name, and a rating of how good the other answers are to the question 1 being the best. But if you don't feel like finding a virtual assistant, you can download this spreadsheet with all the most-trafficked Quora pages beats guessing : 4.

The biggest Quora influencers like James Altucher and Nicolas Cole , use images in almost every answer. But you want some stats right? A study by Skyword found a 94 percent increase in viewership if a published article contained a relevant photograph or infographic when compared to articles without an image in the same category. Diving into the science, images help release oxytocin in our brain increasing trust in products or brands.

How to Use Reddit and Quora for Content Marketing

I just dropped science on you.Remember we used to rip DVDs? It depends on your tastes and lifestyle. Set aside some time, work with it, experiment and find out what works. Tarun Yadav.

It is for this reason that you need to structure your response so that it is appealing to their eyes. Dig deep and offer unique content. You try to take notes, but they turn into doodles.

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