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While some had stopped there on the way to the city of Osh in southern Kyrgyzstan, hardly anyone could remember more than Kyrgyz herders with their flocks of yaks and sheep — and some settlements where life seemed impossible to bear. Said, Orientalism. Orientalism and marginality 11 See for example M. Moving away from a sole focus on the history of colonialism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the study of orientalism has developed into the analysis of a broad range of social practices which include the production of otherness and cultural stereotypes under the influence of unequal power relations Green, Notes from the Balkans, p.

Following Green, I seek to underscore that fluidity does not necessarily appear disconnected from borders and that the ambiguity of marginality does not contradict hegemony.

Taking Said to the Pamirs served the young Pamiri scholar in Khorog as a paradigm through which to locate his region in the margins of Tajikistan. At the same time, the relativity of both terms, orientalism and marginality, provided him with the opportunity to critically reflect upon power relations within Gorno-Badakhshan. In Gilgit-Baltistan, the rubrics of orientalism and marginality have had a strong influence on the formation of regional identities.

Wrench, The Wheel of Health.

The post consists of a scanned book cover of Guy T. With the aim to provide his own fellow Englishmen with guidance on a healthy life-style which he perceived as having been lost in modern England , Wrench chose the people of Hunza as the object of his study exactly because they seemed so remote, different and original. It is attainable, if we give the same devoted service to our soil, its health and the health of its production, as for centuries this remarkable people have given to theirs Younghusband, The Heart of a Continent and Kashmir.

McCarrison, Studies in Deficiency Diseases. Hilton, Lost Horizon. Clark, Hunza.

Brauen, Traumwelt Tibet. Both cases, Hunza and Tibet, can be compared with the construction Including colonial travel descriptions 21 , British nutrition research 22 , novels 23 and a log of an anti-communist adventure trip 24 numerous publications on Hunza have contributed to the establishment of an orientalising myth which resembles projections on neighbouring Tibet During fieldwork in Hunza in , interlocutors furthermore underlined this embeddeddness by referring to their region as home to particularly old people, shamans bitan and fairies pari , as having a distinct diet, and as being culturally and geographically distant from the rest of Pakistan and the subcontinent.

Colonialism and postcolonial colonialism? This distinction derives from a lengthy history of domination that dates back to the early days of Pakistan and which has resulted in the fact that the inhabitants of Gilgit-Baltistan and its predecessor entity, the Northern Areas do not enjoy full citizenship rights e. Sulemani, F. While my interlocutors in Hunza in considered jobs in the national army prestigious, well-paid and desirable, they at the same time expressed bitterness deriving from political, economic, infrastructural, religious 32 and ethnic marginality.

Dani, History of Northern Areas of Pakistan. Dani, History of Northern Areas of Pakistan, p. Sandwiched between the high peaks of Hindukush and Karakoram on the north and those of Western Himalaya on the south is the mysterious far-off land, now called Northern Areas of Pakistan […] preserving the hoary human traditions in association with mountain fairies.

Fairy tales, and not folk tales, linger on in human mind, as men and animals disappear with sudden glacial movements, icy breezes and rapid snow and mud flows that devour everything that come on way [sic]. The natural phenomena remained a secret until geologists and geographers penetrated into this region to unlock the story of mountain, river and lake formations, and very recently the construction of the Karakoram Highway opened facilities for communication and human contact.

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Fairy tales, and not folk tales, linger on in human mind, as men and animals disappear with sudden glacial movements, icy breezes and rapid snow and mud flows that devour everything that come on way [sic]. Users who are looking for a way to recover ESET username or password or both will be glad to know that a free utility is available to retrieve ESET username and.

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