Our + Operating System questions and answers focuses on all areas of + Multiple Choice Questions & Answers in Operating Systems with. On July 23, Microsoft named the operating system "Microsoft . Multiple Choice Questions. 1. IRQ conflicts used to be a common problem when adding. Operating System MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Download Objective type questions of Operating System PDF.

Operating System Multiple Choice Questions And Answers Pdf

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Operating Systems Basics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers with explanation for interview, competitive and entrance test. Learn and practice Operating System multiple choice Questions and Answers for pdf computer science multiple choice questions with answers pdf mcq in. PDF Test. MCQ Exam. PDF PDF. Free PDF. TOP OPERATING Which of the following Operating System does not implement multitasking truly? a. Desktop.


Run time mapping from virtual to physical address is done by: Memory Management Questions and Answers 5. Memory management technique in which system stores and retrieves data from secondary storage for use in main memory is called: Processes Questions and Answers 1.

The systems which allows only one process execution at a time, are called: Processes Questions and Answers 2. In operating system, each process has its own: Processes Questions and Answers 3.

In Unix, Which system call creates the new process? Processes Questions and Answers 4. A process can be terminated due to: Processes Questions and Answers 5. What is the ready state of a process? Security Questions and Answers 1.

Which of the following are forms of malicious attack? Security Questions and Answers 2.

What are common security threats? Security Questions and Answers 3.

From the following, which is not a common file permission? Security Questions and Answers 4.

Which of the following is a good practice? Security Questions and Answers 5. What is not a good practice for user administration?

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Semaphores Questions and Answers 1. An un-interruptible unit is known as: Semaphores Questions and Answers 2. The TestAndSet instruction is executed: Semaphores Questions and Answers 3.

Semaphores Questions and Answers 4. Spinlocks are: Semaphores Questions and Answers 5.

The main disadvantage of spinlocks is that: Because of virtual memory, the memory can be shared among: The pager concerns with the: Swap space exists in: Which one of the following is not shared by threads? A process can be: If one thread opens a file with read privileges then: The time required to create a new thread in an existing process is: When the event for which a thread is blocked occurs,.

Operating System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers This is the questions and answers section on "Operating Systems" with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

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At the last of this article, we have provided the Operating System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers with explanations.

So, the applicants can move to the below sections of this page and take part in the Operating System Online Test. We have presented the multiple choice questions in the below Operating System Quiz.

Operating System MCQ - Multiple Choice Question and Answer

Go To Download Page Close. A fragments of memory words unused in a page. B fragments of memory words used in a page. C dividing the main memory into equal-sized fragments. D dividing the secondary memory into equal sized fragments. Option [A]. A the portion of the main memory which can be accessed only by one process at a time. B a part of the operating system which is not allowed to be accessed by any process.

C a set of instructions that access common shared resource which exclude one another in time. D none of the above.

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Option [C]. B to allow starving processes to run.

C before the CPU time slice expires. These refer to the modes. A of memory access.

B by which user programs handle their data. C by which the operating system executes user programs.

100 MCQ Questions for Operating Systems

D in which the processor and the associated hardware operate. Option [D]. A remains constant. B varies irregularly. Option [B].All the contenders can check the details of the Operating System Mock Test and learn the questions and answers. Its very nice to know this website fortunately. Database program 8. To make the most efficient use of the computer hardware b. A system is in the safe state if: Fragmentation is memory wasted.

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