"To me the Universe was all void of Life, or Purpose, of Volition, even of Hostility; it was one huge, dead, immeasurable Steamengine, rolling on, in its dead. THE LONG WALK – Stephen King (Richard Bachman) Only death can keep you from the finish line – in the ultimate competi. PDF | Stephen King's novel The Long Walk, written under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman, offers a vision of sport in a near-future society.

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I don't. I prefer to hold physical books in my hands when I read them. It's necessary for me to feel the weight of the book along with the texture of the books '. The Long Walk by Stephen King - In this #1 national bestseller, “master storyteller ” (Houston Chronicle) Stephen King, writing as Richard Bachman, tells the tale. Downloads PDF The Long Walk Home, PDF Downloads The Long Walk Home, Downloads The Long Walk Home, PDF The Long Walk Home.

The group must cross the Akobo desert—a journey that will take them three days. Midway through the long march, the group encounters a group of men who are near death from dehydration.

When the group is almost out of the Akobo desert, it crosses paths with a group of soldiers. Salva and the remaining members of the group march into Ethiopia, where they come to a refugee camp. Salva stays in the camp for six years, at which point the Ethiopian government collapses, and the new government forces refugees out of the country.

Salva has no choice but to migrate into neighboring Kenya—a dangerous journey which takes a year and a half, during which time Salva emerges as the leader of his group of more than one thousand young boys. Salva is often lonely, but he befriends a foreign aid worker named Michael, who teaches him how to speak and write English.

One day, it is announced that a few thousand Sudanese refugees will be adopted by American families. In , Salva is about to start college. Overjoyed, Salva arranges to travel back to Sudan. There, he has a tearful reunion with his father, and learns that his mother and sisters are alive, although two of his brothers died in the civil war. Salva is unable to return to his village, since the risk of being forced to fight in the war is too high. However, he vows to return to Sudan one day. After returning to America, Salva is determined to use his advantages to help the suffering people of Sudan.

Walking so much is physically exhausting for Nya, but her family depends on her, as many families in the village depend on their daughters, to bring them water while they complete other vital tasks. Furthermore, the water from the pond is not clean, which is a constant source of illness for the people who must drink it.

By the end of , the well is completed. Nya is delighted to learn that she will no longer have to march miles every day just to get clean water—since, from now on, there will be clean water available to her in the center of the village. However, one man is able to throw the Walkers watermelon slices before being hauled away by the police rather than the soldiers; several Walkers receive third warnings after taking the watermelon, but none of them are shot.

Garraty becomes closest to McVries, a boy with a prominent facial scar who speculates that his own reason for joining the Walk is a subconscious death wish. When Garraty suffers a short mental breakdown following the death of one of his friends, McVries takes several warnings in order to get him moving again.

By the morning of the fifth day, the Walk has progressed into Massachusetts , the first time in 17 years that it has done so. There are only seven Walkers left. Stebbins states he used to think the Major was unaware of his existence, but it turns out that the Major has numerous illegitimate children nationwide. Four years earlier, the Major took Stebbins to the finish of a Long Walk; now Stebbins feels that the Major has set him up to be "the rabbit", motivating others to walk farther to prolong the race, just as rabbits are used in dog races.

Stebbins' plan, upon winning the Walk, is to ask to be "taken into [his] father's house" as his Prize. Finally, Garraty decides to give up after realizing that Stebbins has shown almost no weaknesses over the duration of the Walk. Garraty catches up with Stebbins to tell him this, but before he can speak, Stebbins collapses and dies; thus Garraty is declared the winner. Unaware of the celebration going on around him, Garraty gets up from Stebbins' side and keeps on walking, believing the race to still continue, as he hallucinates a dark figure not far ahead that he thinks is another competitor.

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He ignores a jeep coming toward him in which the Major comes to award him the victory, thinking it is a trespassing vehicle. When a hand touches his shoulder, Garraty somehow finds the strength to run. This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message Raymond "Ray" Davis Garraty 47 The novel's main character, a year-old boy from the town of Pownal, Maine. He has "straw-colored" hair and is a tall, well-built boy. He knows how to cook, dance, and knit and never did any sort of sports before the Walk. His motivation for participating in the Walk is not as explicit as McVries or Baker and is very much up for interpretation.

He is presented multiple times as being the quintessential "Maine's Own" boy, unlike the others. His father was "squaded" and his brother died from pneumonia and his mother heavily shelters him. He has a girlfriend by the name of Jan mentioned throughout the novel, culminating in the sight of her and his mother in Massachusetts. He is the one who eventually wins the Long Walk, though the novel leaves it ambiguous whether he lives or dies. Peter McVries 61 Peter McVries is a well-muscled and athletically fit young man with a sardonic sense of humor and a cynical attitude.

He is dark-haired and has a large scar on one cheek. He creates the idea for the Musketeer group and is friendly with Garraty, even saving his life several times throughout the Walk. Continually providing advice for Ray, he admits early that he will probably lose this game, and entered it with suicidal intentions. He reveals that he was once in love with a girl named Priscilla, but the relationship fell apart due to financial differences, leaving him with a prominent facial scar. His masochistic streak manifests several times when McVries incurs the anger of the other Walkers with his "musketeer" attitude, his random attitude shifts between confiding in others and pushing them away, and an antagonistic relationship to Barkovitch.

Pearson remarks that the Walk is a form of self-punishment for McVries and that he should have a "Beat Me Hard" sign around his neck. During one speculative moment, he tells Ray that at some point in the game when he can no longer go on, he may simply sit down and wait to die. When the Walk comes down to the final three—himself, Garraty, and Stebbins—he keeps his word and sits cross-legged in the street.

Garraty attempts to save him before he gets killed by the soldiers. Stebbins 88 Stebbins is the most mysterious of the original named group. He is an eccentric who wears a bright green sweater and purple pants.

The Long Walk

He has light blond hair and is described to be very skinny. Throughout the story, he has been noted by Garraty possess more information about the Walk than the others. Quietly, he establishes himself as a loner and walks separately from the group, at the rear, talking to no one. Garraty is strangely drawn to Stebbins: at first he is sure Stebbins will be the first Walker to be ticketed, but soon he becomes convinced that Stebbins will win.

Stebbins has many strange mannerisms, often talking in riddles to Garraty to teach him a vital lesson—and then later recanting them as lies. After Scramm's death, Stebbins becomes the odds-on favorite, having shown no sign of fatigue and being described as "like diamonds" and impossible to wear down.

He receives only four warnings throughout the Walk prior to his breakdown at the end. He reveals to Garraty that he is the Major's illegitimate child, and acts as a "rabbit" to encourage other Walkers to keep running.

His goal was to publicly acknowledge him: to "be taken into my father's house".

Stebbins eventually succumbs and falls dead after desperately clawing at Garraty. Friendly and sincere, he is the most honest character during the Walk, and is the least prone to speaking either cryptically or in metaphors. He is incredibly kind and despite the anger the Walk instills in the boys he is hesitant to actually hurt anyone.

He has golden-blond hair and a childlike face. He comes from a lower-class family of undertakers in Louisiana and is mentioned to have several siblings. He is also one of the last Musketeers aside from Garraty and McVries to die.

After a short bout of delirium, he stumbles to the ground, cutting his forehead and rupturing something internally so that he develops a severe nosebleed.

Right before he is killed, he asks Garraty for a final favor if Garraty wins the Long Walk. He wants a "lead-lined" casket—a reference to an earlier conversation about Baker's late uncle, an undertaker.

Garraty is sobbing and asking him to "walk a little longer" but Baker can't. He asks Garraty not to watch the soldiers shoot him, then shakes Garraty's hand, turns around, and is killed.

Garraty reacts so strongly to his death that he can barely keep walking. Hank Olson 70 From early on, Hank Olson cracks jokes and insults the other competitors. He believes he has an edge over the other walkers, having been told by the Major to "Give 'em hell.

He puts up a front of cockiness but is later subdued by the Walk and the possibility of his imminent death. Olson tires very early in the game, becoming a "hollow shell".

Despite his exhaustion, he continues to walk, seemingly oblivious to the world.

Garraty compares Olson's demeanor to that of the Flying Dutchman as he is manned even when "the entire crew is dead". Stebbins refers to Olson as a demonstration of the power of the mind to control the body, because although he has physically succumbed to fatigue, Olson can still walk. Later, he climbs on top of the halftrack, taking a rifle from a soldier.

He is repeatedly shot in the abdomen by the soldiers to discourage others from joining him. Surprisingly, To the shock of his fellow Walkers, he manages to stand and walk again. He is described as being olive-skinned and dark-haired and wears a yellow rain hat multiple times during the book. He cements himself as a loud-mouth Walker whom everyone hopes to outlast. He first provokes another boy named Rank, leading to an altercation resulting in Rank's death. Because of this, the other Walkers turn against Barkovitch and refer to him as "killer".

McVries states several times that his only goal in life is to outlast Barkovitch. Garraty is more understanding to Barkovitch, as he Barkovitch begins to lose his mind.

Barkovitch admits that he wishes he had friends, and that he just doesn't know how to act any other way. He then agrees to help donate some of the winning proceeds to Scramm's young wife. Later, he reverts to his previous demeanor and hassles the other Walkers. The others realize that Barkovitch has finally lost his mind, the intensity of the Walk being too much for him.

At some point during the night, several shots are heard, and a walker Pearson wonders if it is Barkovitch who has been killed. Barkovitch, however, yells from the back of the crowd he's not finished yet. He then screams in agony and tears out his own throat, thereby denying the soldiers their chance to kill him, even though they shoot him anyway in what can be little more than a symbolic gesture. Collie Parker?

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Parker is from Joliet, Illinois and has an almost ridiculous amount of state pride. Blond and burly, he is the roughneck of the Walkers and repeatedly voices his disgust towards the soldiers, the game, and the crowds. He does not make friends easily because of his "tough guy" attitude but is very close with Abraham, who loses his will to live after Parker's death. He is shown to be prickly and rude, but unlike Barkovitch, apologizes for it and says he has a "loose lip" after realizing he's genuinely hurt Garraty.

He continually makes remarks on the "damn Maine weather", ribs Garraty about coming from "the most fucked-up state in the fifty-one", and uses excessive profanity.

A Long Walk to Water Worksheets and Literature Unit

A gunshot awakens Garraty from his doze, and to his surprise, he sees Parker standing atop the halftrack, having taken a rifle from a soldier during a shift change and killed him. As he yells for the other boys to join the fight, another soldier shoots him in the back, splattering his internal organs all over his clothes. Parker fires two shots as he falls to the ground, the bullets ricocheting into the crowd, then tries and fails to say "bastards" before dying.Scramm 85 A likable young man, depicted as a simple soul who dropped out of school and married early a woman named Cathy, Scramm is the "Vegas favorite", with 9 to 1 odds.

Full Name Comment goes here. This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Reliance global call promotion code First edition cover.

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